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Sink into a nurturing experience

My approach to bodywork is holistic, restorative and results-oriented. I work with thoughtful consideration of you as a whole: a physical, emotional, and spiritual being with all its parts integrated and in a reciprocal relationship.

be fully heard

Let your distress be truly understood and respected without any judgment nor criticism.

always protected

Reach a place of comfort knowing that your safety and privacy are truly regarded.

truly cared for

Take a break from your daily responsibilities and indulge into being fully pampered.

Guiding values

01. Knowledge

I am committed to expading my understanding of the human body and mastery of a variety of massage techniques.

02. Intention

I pledge to always have a genuine interest in helping my clients improve the quality of their health and well-being.

03. Focus

I make sure to tune out all distractions during a treatment session and give priority solely to my client’s comfort.

Book online with ease. No payment or desposit is required to hold your appointment.

My promise

My commitment is to truly understand your specific and unique needs and to make an honest effort to help you attain a more relaxed, grounded, and pain-free body.

Whatever physical discomfort your are dealing with, and no matter what you are seeking – relaxation, muscle tension relief, ease of movement, nurturing touch or recovery from a traumatic injury – I am here for you to craft a bodywork session and a treatment plan that is catered to your personal goals and is just right for you!


Joseph was very sensitive and attentive to the responses of my body. The session flowed beautifully.



Training & Credentials

Empowered by knowledge

Experience all the positive health benefits of massage therapy by choosing to work with a qualified and skilled professional.