Swedish Massage

Swedish-229x162Feel energized and deeply relaxed

Swedish Massage is primarily used for decreasing tension, overall stress relief, improving circulation and enhancing the functionality of the immune system.

Developed by Swedish doctor, Dr. Per Henrik Ling, this technique focuses on long gliding strokes and rhythmical kneading, wringing, tapping, rolling and shaking motions across the entire body. It’s a gentle yet effective modality that affects the nerves, muscles, glands, and circulation by gently warming, stretching and manipulating the soft tissues of the body. Oil or lotion is applied to reduce the friction on the skin. It produces a positive effect on calming the sympathetic nervous system.

The many benefits of Swedish Massage may include:

  • deep relaxation of mind and body
  • dissolution of scar tissue adhesions
  • improved circulation
  • faster healing and reduced swelling from injury
  • full body health maintenance
  • detoxification through the movement of blood and lymphatic fluid