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The best!

5 5 1
Joseph was very sensitive and attentive to the responses of my body. The session flowed beautifully, one of the best massages I ever had. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat!


4 5 1
Joseph's massage was both relaxing and therapeutic. I was extremely comfortable and enjoyed his accommodation. Thank you Joseph! relaxing!

5 5 1
When I'm exposed to new experience I give attention to details, so with Joseph I noticed and experienced many things which made me impressed. First of all I selected the 90min Deep-Awakeing massage, when I laid on bed, Joseph ensured that I'm fully covered, then he adjusted my body very gently to be straight and in right position. The massage was so relaxing that I slept few times, which means I was truly relaxed. Joseph was communicating with me to ensure that I was fine, and massage pressure was right. Thanks Joseph, it was the best experience.