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Hands on Back - My Bodywork Philosophy

 My Bodywork Philosophy

My approach to massage treatment is holistic with your comfort, safety and privacy always in mind. My personal commitment, as a therapist, is to work with you and make an honest effort to help you achieve your ideal wellness.

Each session is uniquely designed

Once we have assessed your individual needs, I will customize each session, combining and integrating a variety of techniques that will best address your goals. The modalities listed below are not just a menu of services, but my toolbox of knowledge to help you achieve your well-being.

Massage Modalities


Swedish-229x162Swedish massage is primary used for decreasing tension and stress. →Read More



deeptissue-229x162Deep Tissue focuses on the sub-layer muscles to alleviate severe tensions. →Read More



myofascial-229x162Myofascial Release manipulates the fascia that connects and surrounds muscles. →Read More



triggerpoints-229x162Trigger Points focuses on highly irritated bands located in a muscle. →Read More



craniosacral-229x162Craniosacral uses gentle pressure on the skull to enhance the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. →Read More



thai-229x162Thai massage clears blockages and helps to maintain a youthful, pain-free body. →Read More


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